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Software Pursuits

Protecting Your SQL Databases Cost Effectively

Protecting Your SQL Databases Cost Effectively

SureSync SQL Protection from Software Pursuits provides the most cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for protecting mission critical SQL databases on MS SQL Server or SQL Express. 

SureSync SQL Protection allows you to:

  • Automate SQL backups using SureSync's simple user interface.
  • You can schedule Full, Incremental & Differential backups of your SQL databases.
  • With SQL log backups running every few minutes you can have as many near real time copies of your SQL DBs as you like
  • SureSync SQL Protection can continuously & automatically restore your SQL backups into standby servers to validate backups and speed recovery.
  • There is no limit to the software to the number of size of databases to backed up. 

SureSync SQL Protection is licensed per source server, no matter how many SQL Instances or SQL databases are on that server. There is no license requirement for the target server(s) making this possibly the least expensive near rea- time backup solution for your SQL databases.  

Contact Software Pursuits for a free, no obligation 30 day trial.


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High Speed Low Bandwidth File Synchronisation

High Speed Low Bandwidth File Synchronisation

File transfers must be efficient when synchronising files over WAN links. This includes transferring files to cloud providers such as Azure or Amazon AWS. Data sets continue to grow and upload speeds of Internet connections have not always kept up. An efficient file synchronisation application like SureSync is a critical part of your network infrastructure when you have a need to share files between multiple office locations.

The SureSync Communications Agent (included in SureSync Pro & Collaboration) offers a number of performance enhancing features that can be used to perform critical file transfers as efficiently as possible. Important features include:

Change Journal Support

When synchronising via UNC path, a folder structure must be completely scanned each time a Job is run to detect change. When scanning over a connection with latency, this scan can significantly slow down processing. With the Communications Agent, the NTFS Change Journal is used to minimize scanning. With the Change Journal, a full scan is not needed each time a Job is run and subfolder scans are used only when optimal. This one feature alone will significantly increase the speed of your synchronisation and replication jobs.

Delta Copies

The SureSync Communications Agent will utilise Microsoft’s Remote Differential Compression (RDC) functionality to copy only the changed portions of a file when replacing a file with an updated version. Copying only the changes can greatly reduce the amount of bandwidth needed for that file transfer.


The Communications Agent can compress the data stream during transmission to further optimise file transmissions. The compression routines will cause the SureSync Communications Agent to use some CPU time to process the compression while reducing the amount of data that needs to be transferred across slower connections.

SureSync is a feature rich, enterprise grade application designed to make file synchronisation and replication tasks efficient and as easy as possible. The Communications Agent unlocks powerful performance benefits when transferring files over WAN connections. If you have questions, please contact our team for further details.

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On-prem & Cloud File Synchronisation for High Availability

On-prem & Cloud File Synchronisation for High Availability

Disaster recovery and maintaining availability used to require dedicated hardware that would largely sit idle waiting for network outages, or worse, disasters to occur. Idle infrastructure costs money that is largely wasted. The cloud has been a game changing development in this space for IT teams, enabling a company to rapidly bring up a virtual environment allowing employees access to files and vital information to stay productive. In a disaster scenario, the virtual environment can be connected via site-to-site VPN connections. This allows users in unaffected offices to quickly regain access to critical files and systems.

The cloud for disaster recovery and availability is not without challenges. One of the primary issues is ensuring that your company’s data is present and up-to-date in the cloud. A functional virtualised office without the most recent user data is useless. Transferring files can be a time consuming and an error prone process without an enterprise grade file synchronisation solution. SureSync can quickly and efficiently move your data into the cloud and keep it current in an automated manner.

SureSync’s TCP based Communications Agent provides a number of performance enhancing features for performing high volume file synchronization. To get started, simply install the Communications Agent in a virtual machine in the cloud with adequate storage attached. You have the option to use features such as Remote Differential Compression (RDC) deltas, compression, encryption and Change Journal support to efficiently keep a cloud copy of your critical data available. Data can be moved continuously as files change with a Real-Time Monitor, 24x7.

Building an environment in the cloud is only part of the puzzle. You cannot achieve true cloud disaster recovery and availability without up-to-date copies of your critical files. SureSync’s powerful feature set can be a critical piece of your company’s cloud solution.

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SureSync Version 8 New Features

SureSync Version 8 New Features

New Features in SureSync 8

SureSync 8 is Windows 10 CompatibleSureSync 8 is Windows 2012 R2 CertifiedTake a look at the new features in SureSync and when you are ready to test them out, contact us for a trial for the new v8.

If you do not have time to upgrade your licenses , then we are able to offer on site consultancy to upgrade your licenses , please contact us for further details .


  • Enhanced TCP Performance: Get better TCP replication & synchronization performance when using v8’s enhanced Communications Agents. Our benchmarks show especially good results across high latency WAN connections.
  • Alert Enhancements: New alert options allow great flexibility to keep you updated on the information you want to know.
  • Backup Root Path: The new backup root path feature will allow you to create a "recycle bin” type functionality for SureSync v8. Turning this option on will allow an administrator to recover files deleted or replaced by a SureSync Job. This option can also be used when encountering the "resolve multiple updates” feature in multi-directional Rules. In this case, when the more recent file is selected to replace the other changed file, the file being replaced is retained to be recovered later if necessary. Files are stored for x number of days and then purged.
  • New Communications Agent Configuration: The Communications Agent Configuration panel has been retired in v8. Users can now view, modify and test agent connections without having to launch the separate config panel, making remote settings much more accessible.
  • Enhanced Communications Agent Configuration: SureSync now uses two connections on TCP port 9032. The first connection is used to exchange configuration information between agents. The second connection is used for data transfer. This allows you to easily change encryption type and other settings on the data connection and have those changes distributed to remote agents easily.
  • SQL Protection Restore with Standby: A new restore state is now offered in SQL Protection. This restore mode allows read-only queries to be executed by users against the standby server’s database which can be useful for reducing processing load on the main SQL server.
  • FileCatalyst Support: FileCatalyst is a powerful file acceleration server technology. SureSync supports FileCatalyst server paths as FTP paths allowing for scheduled synchronization to and from a FileCatalyst server.

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