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Affordable Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Founded in 2002 dealstor was created to provide customers with a fresh and value-driven solution for their backup and storage needs. IT professionals have expressed extreme frustration over the amount of time it takes to back up their systems. Words such as “unreliable,” “time consuming,” and “headache” described the tape-based solutions that were so popular.

Idealstor has created a complete backup solution that is fast, reliable and most importantly one that did not require the use of tape.

NAS and SAN were in their infancy when Idelasotr started and hard drives were beginning to make huge advances in capacity. Rather than recommending disk-to-disk-to-tape backup for their clients, Idealstor set out to develop an entirely new method of backing up data.

They hit the market with the Idealstor Backup Appliance in 2002 and has continued to serve their ever-growing client base by solving  data protection problems.

Fast forward 13 years Idealstor stands by the commitment it made over a decade ago to provide customers with solutions to fit their existing needs with the launch of the most inexpensive Hyper-Converged system for virtualised environments. Hyper-Convergence not only reduces cost, maximises uptime, improves performance while keeping things simple.

Idealstor offers a fresh alternative to storage that is user friendly and encompasses high availability for your virtual environment, backup/restore, archiving, compliance and disaster recovery. Our product complements cloud-based storage as well.

Don't Let a Crisis become a Disaster!

As data storage needs continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. The challenge of storing, maintaining, backing up and recovering that important data is becoming extremely complex and expensive. Besides managing data storage and growth one cannot ignore performance, integrity, and scalability to keep things humming smoothly. Idealstor’s comprehensive suite of affordable storage solutions provide all the required components that not only provide flexibility, performance, scalability and protection, but also keeps things simple and hassle free. A solution …

  • that not only scales in capacity but also in performance
  • that extends the life of your existing storage.
  • that allows you to recover as fast as possible in the event things fail
  • that keeps your business running in the event of a disaster.


On site backup and simultaneous off site cloud backup for disaster recovery all wrapped up in an elegant Business Continuity solution.

This is DR and backup offered as a subscription service. At its heart is an on-site Flashback appliance which is coupled to Idealstor cloud based storage allowing you to spin up backup copies of your systems either on the appliance or in the cloud.

Hyper-converged Storage

Hyper-converged systems are a modular building block for the virtualised infrastructure, where both compute and storage are seamlessly integrated into a non-proprietary server (Server, Hypervisor and Storage all running on the same box). Merging compute and storage removes the need for dedicated SAN equipment. Hyper-convergence helps to virtualize the entire infrastructure there by reducing cost, offering flexibility while improving performance and ease of management. It simplifies the IT infrastructure while providing a quick return on Investment (ROI) and the business benefits that IT is seeking.

Backup Hardware

Removable disk backup offers an alternative to tape backup and other disk-to-disk-to-tape backup solutions. The reliability, speed and capacity of disk, coupled with Idealstor’s removable disk technology offers a lot of advantages over tape and other backup systems that use RAID. Data can be easily taken off-site for disaster recovery or kept on the shelf for archival purposes. The systems can be scaled as requirements grow by just changing to a larger sized media. Idealstor media is unique in the removable disk market in that they utilise non-proprietary 3.5-inch SATA drives as backup media. This helps keep the total cost of ownership down for companies of all sizes.

Backup Software

Idealstor offers both Paragon Hard Disk Manager for smaller business and Paragon Protect and Restore for larger enterprises.

Both products backup physical disks and virtual disks. Hard Disk Manager is aimed at those with little or no IT training, whilst Protect and Restore is for more demanding users with a centralised administration to control backups across multiple physical, HyperV and ESX systems.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager and Protect & Restore support disk to disk backup making them perfect companions to Idealstor's disk based backup hardware.

Acknowledgements and Copyrights

This site is owned and managed by Open Seas (UK) Ltd with Paragon & Idelastor content recreated with the express authorisation of Ideastor Inc. Open Seas are an official Idealstor Reseller partner in the UK and Ireland.