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EFFICACITY We're Open Seas. A technology consulting firm founded on years of industry experience, strategic vision, and an obsessive commitment to customer service.

Open Seas are specialists in business systems from around the world. As a bridge between customers and suppliers, we aim to find the best technical solutions to meet your business needs. We have the ability to offer software that meets your exact requirements, we offer solutions to best fit your needs.
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Suresync file synchronisation software at Open Seas

The reliable, ultra-efficient enterprise level file synchronisation, replication and distribution software. SureSync is scalable to manage even the largest datasets.

Replication and synchronisation technologies are key components to network infrastructures, allowing IT Staffs to effectively protect, distribute, and share information between remote offices and disaster recovery data centres. SureSync is a cost-effective data management solution that provides you with flexible and reliable file synchronisation and replication. Whether you need to synchronise files between PC’s or multiple servers, SureSync will help you get the task done.

Suresync File Sync Software & Tools

Manage File Replication and Synchronisation with Suresync

SureSync Suite Product Round Up

Suresync fil sync software - Standard

Suresync Standard File Sync Software

Automate replication and file synchronisation on a schedule to Windows and non-Windows machines, using UNC path, FTP or SFTP access.

Suresync Pro file synchronisation software

Suresync Pro File Synchronisation Tool

Real-time, 24x7 file replication and synchronisation for mission critical data via TCP/IP connectivity. Delta technology ensures only the blocks that have changed are copied reducing bandwidth and time taken to synchronise.

Suresync collaboration - File synchronisation software
Suresync Collaboration

Eliminate slow, remote file access. Synchronise file changes between sites in real-time and lock file copies as they are edited.

Suresync software at Open Seas - SQL protection
Suresync SQL Protection

Don't be caught without SQL backups! Automate SQL backups and replicate backups to secondary storage or remote data centres.

Suresync Endpoint at Open Seas
Suresync Endpoint Software

Worried about losing files on lost, stolen or broken laptops? Ensure files are protected, regardless of where your workforce is located.

Suresync Status Web - File replication & Synchronisation
Suresync Status Web

An IIS based Suresync add on which will enable you to see the status of every job in every Suresync instance in your organisation as well as stat and stop Jobs.

Suresync is the ultimate File Synchronisation Software

Suresync Suite Benefits

Centralised Management

The Suresync Desktop allows central management of all products, providing a powerful core engine for data management across your network.


Scheduling and real-time capabilities allow you to employ a fully automated replication and setting.

Monitoring Status

With Enterprise Status & Job Status applications, you can easily monitor the heartbeat of your synchronisation environment.


Suresync's suite of products can be mixed and matched, putting you in charge of your data and how its movement is managed throughout your organisation.

Acknowledgements and Copyrights

Open Seas (UK) Ltd has been providing local sales and support services to our Suresync customers in the UK and Europe since 2000. This site is owned and managed by Open Seas (UK) Ltd with Suresync content recreated with the express authorisation of Software Pursuits Inc. Open Seas are an officiel Software Pursuits Reseller partner for the UK and Ireland.