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EFFICACITY We're Open Seas. A technology consulting firm founded on years of industry experience, strategic vision, and an obsessive commitment to customer service.

Open Seas are specialists in business systems from around the world. As a bridge between customers and suppliers, we aim to find the best technical solutions to meet your business needs. We have the ability to offer software that meets your exact requirements, we offer solutions to best fit your needs.
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PCL2PDF ™ converts LaserJet PCL print files to PDF

for Windows, Linux, Unix, OpenVMS, Tandem, HP3000 and AS/400

Convert your LaserJet PCL print files to industry standard PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF documents can be viewed and printed using the Adobe® Acrobat® range of products. Encrypt and password protect. Distribute your print files around the Internet or your company Intranet for easy viewing, searching and printing.

Standard and advanced PDF features supported

Pcl2pdf quickly converts PCL print files to concise, industry standard PDF. This is not a raster based conversion. Use command line versions in batch and unattended operations. Fully configurable. Specify default printer "front panel" settings including page size and orientation. Pcl2pdf automatically selects sensible defaults. Pcl2pdf can convert files of 100's and 1000's of pages.Use Adobe® Acrobat® from Windows, Mac and Unix to view your print files, print to local printers (including non-PCL) and search for text. Pcl2pdf produces PDF documents that are fully text searchable word for word. Adobe® Acrobat® uses PostScript and TrueType fonts for display giving superb font rendering quality.Adobe® Acrobat® includes an ActiveX plug-ins. By embedding links to PDF print files on your web pages you can browse and print your files from within Internet Explorer and other browsers!

    • Pcl2pdf converts LaserJet PCL print files to industry standard PDF (Portable Document Format
            • Distribute, view and print your PCL files via the Internet and Intranet
            • PDF documents can be viewed and printed using the Adobe® Acrobat® range of products
            • Command line and developer versions available for batch, unattended use
            • Windows, Unix, OpenVMS, AS/400, HP3000 and Tandem versions available
            • Read the Pcl2pdf V6.9 User Guide for full details of new command line switches, developer APIs, recommendations and advice

Company wide/site licensing is available. Pcl2pdf via Open Seas is available for licensing for internal company use only. Enquiries for OpenVMS, Tandem or AS/400 iSeries will be passed to the appropriate PCL2PDF partner. OEM, integration with systems for general resale and distribution licenses are available but you will need to contact Visual Software directly. Depending on how you want to use Pcl2pdf the pricing and licensing terms will vary. 

Acknowledgements and Copyrights

This site is owned and managed by Open Seas (UK) Ltd. PCL2PDF is a Visual Software product. Content created with permsions from Visual Software.