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Ease Data Management Flow to Remote Users

Ease Data Management Flow to Remote Users

As network users become more dispersed and mobile, information technology departments face new data management challenges. Many employees have company data on laptops that leave the office with them. These employees have a need to protect data on the laptops and retrieve files from the office easily. Employees work from home or other remote locations and face similar data availability challenges. SureSync Endpoint is a flexible, powerful tool for solving these kinds of challenges.

With Endpoint, a client application is installed on each laptop or remote workstation. These client machines are responsible for downloading relevant tasks ("Jobs”) from the Endpoint server, establishing the connections and performing the necessary synchronization work. This architecture means that firewalls in the remote locations are no longer a concern, but the control of data flow remains on the server side.

If you have the SureSync Desktop installed in your environment, you already have the server piece of Endpoint installed! All you need to get started is a license from our sales team. In the SureSync Desktop, click on the "SureSync Endpoint” tab will load the Endpoint interface.

A single Job and Real-Time Monitor combination in SureSync can process many laptops or workstations. If you wanted to copy current sales price sheets and presentation materials from a server to 50 mobile salesperson laptops, this could be accomplished with a single Job/Monitor. Any configuration changes you make such as modifying file masks automatically apply to all Endpoint machines in the Monitor. This makes managing the environment extremely simple.

With access to the full SureSync rule set, you can accomplish any synchronization task. You could:

  • Configure a one-way Rule to publish data from the server to the Endpoints.
  • Configure a one-way Rule with the Endpoints as the source to backup data to the server. Endpoint provides convenient path variables to separate data on the destination.
  • Configure a multi-way Rule to allow a user to synchronize files back and forth between their server path and their laptop. In this instance, a single Endpoint should have a Job/Monitor combination.

For the administrator, status panels can be used to monitor the current state of Endpoint tasks. The log viewer provides a list of all actions performed by Endpoint, just like with SureSync. Combined with the ability to apply configuration changes to machines in bulk, Endpoint is an ease for the administrator.

Endpoint revolutionizes the process of file synchronization & replication with on-site servers to and from remote laptops and desktop computers. Contact our team today to learn more about how to start utilizing Endpoint in your network environment today!

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Sage Advice for Staying Safe in the Cloud

Some Sage Advice, in every sense, about Cloud Safety, be it Storage and File sharing services or SaaS or IaaS.

Sage Guide to staying safe in the cloud
Reproduced with permission of Sage. Original work credited to Keir Thomas-Bryant.
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How To Increase Your Cyber Security

How To Increase Your Cyber Security
Regardless of size or experience, all businesses should be conscious regarding cyber security. It has become too big of an issue to ignore as cybercriminals continue to learn new ways to breach even the most sophisticated security solutions. Luckily, there are actionable steps you can take to improve internet safety.

Prevent Cyber Attack

No business is completely shielded from a cyber attack regardless of how new or complex the security software is. Every business must take a proactive stance to defend their customers. Preventing cyber attacks should be a top priority because all it takes is one breach to ruin a company’s reputation.

Businesses that implement a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy must take extra precautions since it can involve multiple types of devices and operating systems. Remote employees must be careful about public WiFi hotspots at establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and airports since not all of them have sufficient security. At one time, businesses could get away with minimal security, but that era is becoming ancient internet history.

Raising Awareness

The solution to preventing attacks is a mix of software, training, and planning with well-envisioned company policies. Modern machine learning software can monitor networks and detect intruders. Employees should be trained on how to steer clear of malware. Also, developing a data backup and recovery plan completes the equation to build strong layers of protection around your assets.

With a virtual private network (VPN), you will be able to encrypt data, which adds another layer of production. Backing up data to a virtual cloud server diminishes the threats posed by ransomware, which is a malware with a ransom demand attached. You won’t have to worry about your data getting lost or damaged if it’s backed up in multiple places.

October is a National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which is an excellent time for businesses to review your security threats and strategies to counter them. This is especially important as many security breaches are caused by employee error.

When employees are not trained against unauthorised access or attack, it opens the door to vulnerabilities, such as using the same passwords for different accounts. It’s also better to use hard-to-read passwords. By using complex alpha-numeric passwords combined with PIN numbers, you will slow down hackers to the point they may give up. Employees must also be advised to be careful clicking anything that is unfamiliar or triggers even the slightest suspicion.

Steps to Enhance Security

Change passwords throughout the year
Establish two-factor authentication (TFA)
Avoid posting private information on social media
Train staff to be selective of applications and websites
Use modern security solutions, such as 24/7 monitoring

Every business needs to demonstrate expertise in protecting its data and IT infrastructure

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Cyber Criminals and Ransomeware

Cyber Criminals and Ransomeware An interesting blog from our colleagues at Idealstor highlighting the challenge we all face re

combating cyber-criminals involved in ransomware attacks . Particulary relevant to us in the UK following the recent attacks on our National Health Service  :

Picture the following scenario; you have just embarked on a well-deserved holiday to Austria with your significant other, and are about to check into the luxurious 4 star hotel- Romantik Seehotel Jägerwirt. Minutes after checking in, you learn that you are unable to enter your hotel room. The two of you would like to refresh yourselves before enjoying the beautiful lakeside setting along the Alpine Turracher Hohe Pass. It is winter and is therefore absolutely gorgeous! Regardless, you still cannot enter your room to freshen up and get changed. The hotel management informs you that the key card system isn’t working and that you have been locked out of your hotel room. What’s worse is that there’s nothing they can do about it!

With your frustrations building up and your holiday experience just being ruined, you later find out that the hotel’s modern IT system has been hacked by cyber-criminals and that they were holding it ransom. They had agreed to restore the hotel’s systems if just 1,500 EUR (1,272 GBP) in Bitcoin was paid to them.

What you may have realized by now, is that the scenario being described really did occur. It was all the more real for the furious managing director, Christoph Brandstaetter, who told the press "The hotel was totally booked with 180 guests, we had no other choice. Neither police nor insurance would help you in this case.” Hence, it was cheaper and faster for the hotel to just pay the Bitcoin as ransom.

Once the hackers got the money, they unlocked the key registry system and all other computers, enabling the hotel to function as normal again. The case costed the hotel lots of money and perhaps more importantly, it negatively impacted their brand’s reputation in the eyes of their loyal customers.

This is just  one  of many reported cases involving ransomware. A study performed by Symantec between April, 2015 and April, 2016, showcased that it was not only a serious threat to private institutions and national security. It was discerned that end consumers were the most affected victims, accounting to 57% of all attacks, in comparison to enterprises at only 43%.

The various percentages in terms of the nature of businesses that were attacked:

  • Services sector with 38% was by far the most affected
  • Manufacturing at 17%
  • Finance, insurance and real estate with 10% of infections
  • Public administration at 10%
  • Wholesale trade at 9%
  • Transportation, communications and utilities at 7%
  • Retail trade at 4%
  • Construction with 4%
  • Mining, agriculture, forestry and fishing with just 1% of infections

On an international scale, the US was the region most affected by ransomware during the period mentioned, with 28% of all global infections. Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Italy, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Malaysia round out the top 10. The average ransom demand has more than doubled and is now $679, up from $294 at the end of 2015.

Cyber-criminals have introduced many new versions of ransomware, that are now being coded using different programming languages, such as JavaScript, PHP, PowerShell, and Python. These languages are specifically used as an effort to evade detection by the various security products in the market.

A series of more advanced types of ransomware have also begun to worsen the damage done, by going beyond the usual methods of locking devices or encrypting files.

Some of these include:

  • CryptXXX (Trojan.Cryptolocker.AN), which contains an enhanced feature that allows it to gather Bitcoin wallet data and send it to the attackers.
  • Cerber (Trojan.Cryptolocker.AH), which is reportedly capable of adding the infected computer to a botnet which can then be used to carry out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Chimera (Trojan.Ransomcrypt.V), which makes an additional threat in its ransom message.
  • RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service), which allows a larger number of cyber-criminals to acquire their own ransomware, including those with relatively low levels of expertise.

Adoption of these new techniques demonstrate how ransomware is continuously evolving to be more threatening while remaining profitable. Another growing phenomenon that has been witnessed with the increased number of ransomware cases, is the involvement of ‘rogue employees’ in enterprises. Rogue employees tend to have access to sensitive information that belong to enterprises and could use ransomware as a threat to expose, destroy or manipulate this sensitive information. These attacks could cost the organisation millions of dollars in terms of operations and even impact its reputation.

Some enterprises fail to understand how important the information that they hold in their systems really are, until they have faced a ransomware attack themselves. These enterprises should enlist the help of experts in the field of information security services. They can help a business safeguard their information, by engaging the correct balance of experienced professionals and tools for a specific task. Further, the trusted advice of such a service can be relied on, to help a business regain their operations in the event of a ransomware attack.

At Idealstor (founded in 2002 by Nezzen Systems out of Gaithersburg, Maryland), with the many years of experience in providing IT security services to our customers, we have built a pool of highly seasoned information security professionals. While researching and gaining expertise on malware and ransomware related attacks for years, Idealstor's professionals have developed the ‘Flashback Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery’ solution. This solution not only notifies our customers of ransomware infections, but it also allows them to resume operations from a previous backup if attacked. It enables the customer’s operation to functional normally, within minutes, instead of having to deal with downtime and the accompanying loss of productivity. Idealstor has also diversified into cloud based solutions such as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). They have the tools and expertise within the cloud, to keep your business data protected, be operational even during a disaster and to ensure that you have peace of mind with demonstrated recoverability. More information relating to Idealstor’s DRaaS backup and recovery products and services can be found at: http://www.idealstor.com/2017/06/25/combating-the-new-age-of-cyber-criminals-involved-in-ransomware-attacks/ 


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