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Open Seas are specialists in business systems from around the world. As a bridge between customers and suppliers, we aim to find the best technical solutions to meet your business needs. We have the ability to offer software that meets your exact requirements, we offer solutions to best fit your needs.
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SureSync v8.1.16 released

4 May 2021
SureSync v8.1.16 released
SureSync version 8.1.16 is now available for download at


Instructions for updating from a previous version of SureSync 8 can be found at


This version contains minor fixes and improvements since the prior version. Fixes and improvements made in this release are documented at


Upgrade instructions for older versions of SureSync version 8 can be found at


SureSync v8.1.11 released

18 Mar 2020
SureSync v8.1.11 released

A new feature has been added to Alerting. On an Alert Profile (configured in Options | Alerts | Alerts Profiles), new options exist to write the alert messages to the Windows Application Event Log and to suppress sending e-mails with the profile. This allows administrators to notify about alerts either by e-mail, Windows Event Log message, or both. This has been fixed in 8.1.11.

File Synchronisation

It was possible to encounter a loop when a Change Journal size needed to be increased. This would occur when a command to increase the Change Journal completed without error, but the Change Journal size did not increase. This would cause another attempt to increase the Change Journal size, eventually resulting in a timeout after 5 minutes. This has been fixed in 8.1.11.

User Interface

A NullReference error was possible when adding/removing users/groups from the Security tab of a Computer record in the SureSync Desktop. This has been fixed in 8.1.11.

Open Seas is delighted to announce it's partnership with OPTIWARE

9 Jun 2019
Open Seas is delighted to announce it's partnership with OPTIWARE

OPTIWARE is a global software supplier helping customers streamline their manufacturing production and maintain high-value capital assets such as plants, facilities and equipment.

OPTIWARE offer a unique combination of both Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) systems. With complete support for optimising asset reliability, predictability and effectiveness, OPTIWARE place themselves at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.

Read more about OPITWARE's AXXOS OEE solution for maximising your return on your manufacturing assets.

Miracle Service Spring Sale 2019 for existing customers

12 Mar 2019
Miracle Service Spring Sale 2019 for existing customers

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If you are thinking of adding licenses,
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Customers can place orders and open calls.  
30 Day free trial available for customers already using the Mobile Field Technician Console.

Sale price: $497
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* Available to existing Miracle Service customers only. 
Limited time offer ends March 29, 2019

SureSync v8.0.25 released

8 Jun 2018
SureSync v8.0.25 released


When restoring a file with ArchiveSync if there was a change in file attributes, such as the Read-Only attribute, the restore of the file would fail indicating that the source did not match the expected values. This has been fixed in 8.0.25.

Communications Agent

The timeout in the Communications Agent has been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to allow for very slow file system responses to requests. This has been fixed in 8.0.25.

In certain timing circumstances, a communications fault on the Communications Agent I/O service could go undetected until another I/O operation was attempted. This has been fixed in 8.0.25.

In rare timing circumstances in environments with frequent path losses and recoveries, it was possible for the Communications Agent to become 100% CPU bound and for files to then not be processed. This has been fixed in 8.0.25.

File Synchronisation

The e-mail alert send routines have been updated to support newer security protocols for sending e-mail via Internet mail servers such as Gmail where TLS/SSL is used. This has been fixed in 8.0.25.

When there was an error on a destination, it was possible for the source to also be flagged as being in error. This would result in an incorrect over reporting condition where the source was reported in the log along with the destination. This has been fixed in 8.0.25.

If a Job was configured to copy create dates, messages about being unable to determine the source for changed security values messages could occur in the log even though security copying was not enabled. This has been fixed in 8.0.25.

SureSync v8.0.24 released

24 Apr 2018
SureSync v8.0.24 released


File Synchronisation 
  • In rare timing circumstances, where dozens of path loss events were occurring in rapid succession, the was possible for orphaned file copies to not be released properly. This could eventually cause actions on the Job to stop or nearly so. This has been fixed in 8.0.24.
  • In rare instances, an I/O cancel request could make an agent become unresponsive. This has been fixed in 8.0.24.

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