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On-prem & Cloud File Synchronisation for High Availability

On-prem & Cloud File Synchronisation for High Availability

Disaster recovery and maintaining availability used to require dedicated hardware that would largely sit idle waiting for network outages, or worse, disasters to occur. Idle infrastructure costs money that is largely wasted. The cloud has been a game changing development in this space for IT teams, enabling a company to rapidly bring up a virtual environment allowing employees access to files and vital information to stay productive. In a disaster scenario, the virtual environment can be connected via site-to-site VPN connections. This allows users in unaffected offices to quickly regain access to critical files and systems.

The cloud for disaster recovery and availability is not without challenges. One of the primary issues is ensuring that your company’s data is present and up-to-date in the cloud. A functional virtualised office without the most recent user data is useless. Transferring files can be a time consuming and an error prone process without an enterprise grade file synchronisation solution. SureSync can quickly and efficiently move your data into the cloud and keep it current in an automated manner.

SureSync’s TCP based Communications Agent provides a number of performance enhancing features for performing high volume file synchronization. To get started, simply install the Communications Agent in a virtual machine in the cloud with adequate storage attached. You have the option to use features such as Remote Differential Compression (RDC) deltas, compression, encryption and Change Journal support to efficiently keep a cloud copy of your critical data available. Data can be moved continuously as files change with a Real-Time Monitor, 24x7.

Building an environment in the cloud is only part of the puzzle. You cannot achieve true cloud disaster recovery and availability without up-to-date copies of your critical files. SureSync’s powerful feature set can be a critical piece of your company’s cloud solution.

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SureSync - Version 8 : Consultancy and Upgrade Offer

SureSync - Version 8 : Consultancy and Upgrade Offer Open Seas are offering those customers who are too busy  , the opportunity for us to upgrade your  SureSync Software on your behalf  .

Should this be of interest to you , please contact us on sales@openseas.co.uk  for a quotation or if you would like to find out more , please call 01235 537391 .

The benefits of version 8 are listed below .

Ready for More Power?
SureSync Data Protection & Availability Suite version 8 enhances synchronisation performance, simplifies product management and protect important files. Some of the top new features include:
1. TCP Performance Enhancements: The Communications Agent has been enhanced to significantly increase copy performance in environments with higher levels of latency (60+ ms). If you need to move large amounts of data over WAN connections, you will want this performance enhancement right away. In some test situations with 120ms of latency, improvements of copy performance in excess of 150% have been noted.

2. Backup Root Paths: It's a Recycle Bin for a SureSync Job! With a Backup Root Path defined, any time a delete or replace occurs the old version of the file is temporarily stored in the backup root. This includes situations where you choose to resolve multiple updates in a multi-directional Rule automatically by copying the latest.

3. Enhanced E-mail Alerts: Take further control of your e-mail alerts with new filters. Want to receive an e-mail alert only if a path has been offline for 15 minutes or more? Want to send different alerts to different users? All of this (and more) can easily be accomplished with SureSync's new enhanced e-mail alerts.

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SureSync Version 8 New Features

SureSync Version 8 New Features

New Features in SureSync 8

SureSync 8 is Windows 10 CompatibleSureSync 8 is Windows 2012 R2 CertifiedTake a look at the new features in SureSync and when you are ready to test them out, contact us for a trial for the new v8.

If you do not have time to upgrade your licenses , then we are able to offer on site consultancy to upgrade your licenses , please contact us for further details .


  • Enhanced TCP Performance: Get better TCP replication & synchronization performance when using v8’s enhanced Communications Agents. Our benchmarks show especially good results across high latency WAN connections.
  • Alert Enhancements: New alert options allow great flexibility to keep you updated on the information you want to know.
  • Backup Root Path: The new backup root path feature will allow you to create a "recycle bin” type functionality for SureSync v8. Turning this option on will allow an administrator to recover files deleted or replaced by a SureSync Job. This option can also be used when encountering the "resolve multiple updates” feature in multi-directional Rules. In this case, when the more recent file is selected to replace the other changed file, the file being replaced is retained to be recovered later if necessary. Files are stored for x number of days and then purged.
  • New Communications Agent Configuration: The Communications Agent Configuration panel has been retired in v8. Users can now view, modify and test agent connections without having to launch the separate config panel, making remote settings much more accessible.
  • Enhanced Communications Agent Configuration: SureSync now uses two connections on TCP port 9032. The first connection is used to exchange configuration information between agents. The second connection is used for data transfer. This allows you to easily change encryption type and other settings on the data connection and have those changes distributed to remote agents easily.
  • SQL Protection Restore with Standby: A new restore state is now offered in SQL Protection. This restore mode allows read-only queries to be executed by users against the standby server’s database which can be useful for reducing processing load on the main SQL server.
  • FileCatalyst Support: FileCatalyst is a powerful file acceleration server technology. SureSync supports FileCatalyst server paths as FTP paths allowing for scheduled synchronization to and from a FileCatalyst server.

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10 Ways to Boost Your Service Department Efficiency

10 Ways to Boost  Your Service Department Efficiency
10 Ways to Boost  Your Service Department Effiency


Driving paperwork back and forth to the customer site can send profits up in smoke. Instead, have your technicians complete work orders in the field, entering data instantly through their laptops or handheld computers. This starts the seamless process of generating invoices right away. You save on technician time and fuel costs while speeding up the billing cycle.



Enter information once into a central database and instantly share it with your sales, service and parts departments and contract administrators. Thereby, you significantly reduce – or even eliminate – repetitive functions to increase productivity.



Even small efficiency gains from improved dispatch and technician productivity add up to big savings. When dispatchers have up-to-date customer, contract and service information at their fingertips, this allows them both to process calls faster and to ensure more efficient scheduling of technicians.



Invoice every job promptly. The most reliable way to do this is through automated billing. Old-fashioned manual approaches are error-prone, leading to payment delays or even failure to invoice at all. It’s easy to overlook an invoice, especially when the job is small. Those small mistakes add up. When you generate invoices automatically, your billing stays ahead of the game.



A business that fails to communicate with its field staff and clients in real-time is at a serious competitive disadvantage. Nowadays, a variety of mobile solutions allow for fast, accurate exchange of information. Fewer misunderstandings. More time for your staff to get things done. Watch your company’s productivity increase when you use remote solutions to free up valuable human resources.



Service technicians need ready access to the right parts to be effective. But an overstocked warehouse can be money down the drain. Automation software geared to service company needs enables you to achieve that important balance between parts supply and demand. It will reduce inventory loss and lower inventory carrying costs, adding up to increased profits.



Set up your PM schedules according to the contract terms and generate the jobs automatically, when required. A good system also informs the dispatcher taking a service call about any PM due, so it can be scheduled at the same time. This will raise both efficiency and customer satisfaction. Extra tip: Don’t forget the non-contracted customers. Set up all PM’s in the system. Then call non-contract customers whenever a PM is due to generate added business.



A customer in the hand is worth two in the bush. It’s always easier to keep a customer you already have than find a new one. Service software will help you to anticipate your customers’ needs, improve responsiveness and reduce callbacks, thus maintaining a solid customer base.



In these challenging times, you can’t afford to loose money on an unprofitable service contract.  Does each of your contracts actually cover the cost of providing service? Analyze the profitability of each individual contract to determine where the profits and losses are, so you can respond accordingly.



Do all your team members work as effectively as they could? Weak performers can drag the company down. Service software will give you valuable data about the productivity of each technician, including: average times to complete service calls, average response times, parts used, call-backs, and revenue generated per technician. Such information helps you determine the strengths and weakness of your staff to generate improvements and make needed changes.

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Cyber Criminals and Ransomeware

Cyber Criminals and Ransomeware An interesting blog from our colleagues at Idealstor highlighting the challenge we all face re

combating cyber-criminals involved in ransomware attacks . Particulary relevant to us in the UK following the recent attacks on our National Health Service  :

Picture the following scenario; you have just embarked on a well-deserved holiday to Austria with your significant other, and are about to check into the luxurious 4 star hotel- Romantik Seehotel Jägerwirt. Minutes after checking in, you learn that you are unable to enter your hotel room. The two of you would like to refresh yourselves before enjoying the beautiful lakeside setting along the Alpine Turracher Hohe Pass. It is winter and is therefore absolutely gorgeous! Regardless, you still cannot enter your room to freshen up and get changed. The hotel management informs you that the key card system isn’t working and that you have been locked out of your hotel room. What’s worse is that there’s nothing they can do about it!

With your frustrations building up and your holiday experience just being ruined, you later find out that the hotel’s modern IT system has been hacked by cyber-criminals and that they were holding it ransom. They had agreed to restore the hotel’s systems if just 1,500 EUR (1,272 GBP) in Bitcoin was paid to them.

What you may have realized by now, is that the scenario being described really did occur. It was all the more real for the furious managing director, Christoph Brandstaetter, who told the press "The hotel was totally booked with 180 guests, we had no other choice. Neither police nor insurance would help you in this case.” Hence, it was cheaper and faster for the hotel to just pay the Bitcoin as ransom.

Once the hackers got the money, they unlocked the key registry system and all other computers, enabling the hotel to function as normal again. The case costed the hotel lots of money and perhaps more importantly, it negatively impacted their brand’s reputation in the eyes of their loyal customers.

This is just  one  of many reported cases involving ransomware. A study performed by Symantec between April, 2015 and April, 2016, showcased that it was not only a serious threat to private institutions and national security. It was discerned that end consumers were the most affected victims, accounting to 57% of all attacks, in comparison to enterprises at only 43%.

The various percentages in terms of the nature of businesses that were attacked:

  • Services sector with 38% was by far the most affected
  • Manufacturing at 17%
  • Finance, insurance and real estate with 10% of infections
  • Public administration at 10%
  • Wholesale trade at 9%
  • Transportation, communications and utilities at 7%
  • Retail trade at 4%
  • Construction with 4%
  • Mining, agriculture, forestry and fishing with just 1% of infections

On an international scale, the US was the region most affected by ransomware during the period mentioned, with 28% of all global infections. Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Italy, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Malaysia round out the top 10. The average ransom demand has more than doubled and is now $679, up from $294 at the end of 2015.

Cyber-criminals have introduced many new versions of ransomware, that are now being coded using different programming languages, such as JavaScript, PHP, PowerShell, and Python. These languages are specifically used as an effort to evade detection by the various security products in the market.

A series of more advanced types of ransomware have also begun to worsen the damage done, by going beyond the usual methods of locking devices or encrypting files.

Some of these include:

  • CryptXXX (Trojan.Cryptolocker.AN), which contains an enhanced feature that allows it to gather Bitcoin wallet data and send it to the attackers.
  • Cerber (Trojan.Cryptolocker.AH), which is reportedly capable of adding the infected computer to a botnet which can then be used to carry out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Chimera (Trojan.Ransomcrypt.V), which makes an additional threat in its ransom message.
  • RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service), which allows a larger number of cyber-criminals to acquire their own ransomware, including those with relatively low levels of expertise.

Adoption of these new techniques demonstrate how ransomware is continuously evolving to be more threatening while remaining profitable. Another growing phenomenon that has been witnessed with the increased number of ransomware cases, is the involvement of ‘rogue employees’ in enterprises. Rogue employees tend to have access to sensitive information that belong to enterprises and could use ransomware as a threat to expose, destroy or manipulate this sensitive information. These attacks could cost the organisation millions of dollars in terms of operations and even impact its reputation.

Some enterprises fail to understand how important the information that they hold in their systems really are, until they have faced a ransomware attack themselves. These enterprises should enlist the help of experts in the field of information security services. They can help a business safeguard their information, by engaging the correct balance of experienced professionals and tools for a specific task. Further, the trusted advice of such a service can be relied on, to help a business regain their operations in the event of a ransomware attack.

At Idealstor (founded in 2002 by Nezzen Systems out of Gaithersburg, Maryland), with the many years of experience in providing IT security services to our customers, we have built a pool of highly seasoned information security professionals. While researching and gaining expertise on malware and ransomware related attacks for years, Idealstor's professionals have developed the ‘Flashback Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery’ solution. This solution not only notifies our customers of ransomware infections, but it also allows them to resume operations from a previous backup if attacked. It enables the customer’s operation to functional normally, within minutes, instead of having to deal with downtime and the accompanying loss of productivity. Idealstor has also diversified into cloud based solutions such as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). They have the tools and expertise within the cloud, to keep your business data protected, be operational even during a disaster and to ensure that you have peace of mind with demonstrated recoverability. More information relating to Idealstor’s DRaaS backup and recovery products and services can be found at: http://www.idealstor.com/2017/06/25/combating-the-new-age-of-cyber-criminals-involved-in-ransomware-attacks/ 


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